What is a GCA?

A GCA, which stands for Guest Controller approval, allows you to control in a division other than your own. If you are coming from another division and would like to control in Malta you will need to meet our GCA requirements and then pass a GCA checkout to be allowed to control in Malta.


GCA Requirements

Any member from another division who wants to control an ATC position in the Maltese Division has to apply for approval. 

Before a GCA is given you are not allowed to connect on any MT ATC Positions, doing so may result in a forced disconnection by a supervisor.

These are the following requirements:

- You must hold an ADC rating at MINIMUM.

ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rated controllers will only be allowed to control as Tower and Ground at first, if the applicant wishes to control a higher position and the MT Training Department recognizes the potential, then the applicant may be allowed to control on the Approach Position otherwise you will need to obtain your APC rating.

APC (Approach Controller) rated controllers will be allowed to control as Approach, Tower and Ground, an exception may be made for controlling on Center if the applicant shows decent performance otherwise you will need to obtain your ACC rating.

ACC (Area Control Center) rated controllers will be allowed to control all positions in Malta, however, if the applicants performance does not satisfy the MT Training Department then the applicant may be downgraded to only control on Approach or even have their GCA revoked.

You must also satisfy this criteria:

- GCA Applicant must understand and comply with the local procedures of the Maltese division.

- GCA Applicant must have all local charts.

- GCA Applicant must have good English proficiency.

- GCA Applicant must comply with the FRA position rules.

- GCA Applicant must maintain an activity of a minimum of 10 hours per month, otherwise the GCA will be revoked for inactivity.

- GCA Applicant must be in good standing with the IVAO R&R.

How to apply

If you meet all the requirements, you are more than free to apply using our automated form.

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